Streamlined Proposals for Business Growth

At A Glance



  • ​Need to provide timely and competitive proposals at a faster rate

  • ​Automate delivery of budgetary proposals -reduce time by 75%!

  • Application engineers overloaded with requests for budgetary proposals

  • ​AE team can focus on more complex opportunities Sales team can deliver more proposals with faster turnaround


  • Each application engineer was spending 8-16 hours/proposal for standard budgetary proposals and putting out 50-60 proposals/year. Taking an average of 12 hours/proposal for 50 proposals, the time spent on this process tops 600 hours for each engineer!

  • It was difficult to manage the delivery of budgetary proposals in a timely and efficient manner. The application engineering team was swamped with requests to deliver proposals and the sales team needed to get back to clients proactively to stay competitive in the deal.

  • The ability to provide timely and competitive budgetary proposals is important in the early stages of a deal. It was crucial to find a way to scale the process so the team could go after more projects, leading to more sales.


  • The US team implemented Transcend Design Generator (TDG) to significantly reduce the time and effort associated with delivering standard budgetary proposals and shift engineering hours to more complex projects.

  • The company uses TDG to enable them to get more proposals to clients, at a faster rate. They can also quickly modify and update them as they receive client feedback.

  • The team can have more consistency for budgetary proposals across the company since they all follow the same procedure.

  • Both the application engineering and the sales team use TDG to provide budgetary proposals to clients.

Key Wins

  1. TDG cut the time per proposal from 8-16 hours to 2-4 hours, a 75% reduction! Each application engineer will go from spending 600 hours to 250 hours on proposals each year.

  2. The application engineering team can now spend time on larger, more complex opportunities and creatively addressing client requirements

  3. The sales team was empowered to run their own budgetary proposals, leading to time savings for the application engineering team and faster turnaround for clients.

"I was spending nearly 600 hours a year on standard budgetary proposals and Transcend Design Generator reduced the time to create these by 75%. It allowed me to get back to our sales team and customers faster and spend more time on detailed design for our clients!”

- Application Engineer at a leading membrane company

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