At Transcend, we believe automation is the way of the future.
Our cloud-based SaaS platform enables your engineers to generate high quality water facility designs in 8 hours or less.

Your Engineers. Our PLATFORM. Quality Designs.

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What our clients are saying

"We've been TRYING TO DO something like this for 20 years"

—  Vice President, Multinational EPC Firm

Why our Clients love us

Increase employee satisfaction by reducing time spent on mundane tasks. Free up time for continuing education and solving complex problems.

Decrease non-billable and non-cost recoverable hours, and spend more time on profitable work.

Anyone can use the simple, intuitive interface and process. No coding skills necessary.

Reduce error by standardizing processes. Achieve global consistency and process quality control for all projects.

 Adapt to client changes with an 8 hour turnaround. Deliver on increasing client demands and increase win rates.

Present multiple designs to clients who can now select the best design considering ALL costs - CAPEX, OPEX, land value, infrastructure, environmental, etc.

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