At our core we are water treatment engineers turned computer programmers.


Our focus is building strong, secure software that takes design engineering to the next level.



Transcend’s mission is to transform the way engineering firms, utilities, and technology suppliers assess and design critical infrastructure. Transcend was started to help transform the culture of these firms by providing software that automates the preliminary engineering of any kind of vertical asset.  As these firms implement Transcend’s software it lowers costs, increases revenue (bid on more projects, faster, with more detail in less time), and frees up engineers to evaluate innovative technologies and sustainable design approaches, transcending the standard and sub-optimal solutions of years past.  









Ari has more than 20 years of experience in finance, corporate strategy, marketing, and public and private equity investing.  Mostly recently Ari served as Chairman (2008-2020) and CEO (2011-2020) of Organica Water, a next-generation wastewater treatment technology provider that enables localized treatment and reuse.  Under Ari’s leadership Organica grew from <$1M of Revenue and 30 reference facilities (mostly in Hungary) to a global business with more than 130 reference facilities in 20 countries that is recognized as a top “sustainable” brand in the water industry.  Ari lead Organica to the completion of its Series A through Series D financing rounds, attracting large institutional investors to the company such as International Finance Corporation, Invesco, CITIC Capital, and Idinvest Partners.  During his time with Organica grew it’s customer base to include many of the top global water companies and municipalities including Veolia, BEWG, Manila Water, Metito, Adani Infrastructure, Shanghai Water, Beijing Capital Group, and Maynilad Water.

Previously Ari was Head of Water Private Equity Investments for RNK Capital, a pioneering environmental investment firm with ~$800M in assets under management. In this role Ari lead a team responsible for transaction sourcing, due-diligence, structuring, divesting, and working with portfolio companies’ management teams. Ari served on the Board of various other RNK portfolio companies in the water sector. In addition, Ari has an extensive network of contacts throughout the software & water industry and related financial community.

Prior to RNK, Ari worked at Bank of America Securities, most recently as a VP and Senior Research Analyst. Previously, Ari spent four years working in corporate strategy, finance, and marketing roles at two venture-backed enterprise software companies, Verticalnet and Prescient Systems, and as the co-founder of his own company, a technology services business that enabled small retailers to sell their products to students through the Internet. Ari holds a bachelor of business administration degree from the George Washington University and an MBA degree from Yale University’s School of Management.

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As COO, Steve leads the engineering, software development, and marketing/business development for Transcend.  In this role Steve works closely with all team members and clients to understand the market needs and accelerate client adoption.

Previously, Steve was Vice President of Digital Services for Organica Water, where lead the company’s digital transformation, including the efforts around design automation software and expansion of its services offering to increase recurring revenue.  Prior to Organica Steve was with GE Water & Process Technologies holding numerous roles with increasing responsibility for product management, commercial leadership, and engineering. He spent the last several years defining and growing GE Water & Process Technologies’ digital strategy for applying digital best practices to customers and internal operations.

Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Kutztown University in 2004 and has over 15 years of experience in operations, marketing, engineering, service optimization, asset performance management and software as a service business model development.

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Digital Transformation Lead

Adam has over 10 years of experience in water with a focus on business development, software, and engineering. As the Director of Digital Transformation he has responsibility for business related to Design Generator Software and working closely with the Marketing and Software Development teams to prioritize development and customer success.
Most recently he served as the North America Smarts Cities Director for Suez. He previously led, and sold, a robotics spin-out of the General Electric corporation which focused on cutting edge potable water pipe rehabilitation techniques. Prior to that he served as GE Water’s Digital Water Leader, managing venture investments and creating software solutions for water distribution challenges. Earlier in his career, Adam served as an engineer in the CPG industry, where he both lived and worked in Brazil, and also led sanitation programs for General Mills’ largest yogurt plant in North America. Adam received his undergraduate degree from Kansas State University and his M.B.A. from the University of Arizona.



 Director - Software Development 

Peter is Transcend's Director of Engineering and Software Development, managing an innovative and passionate team based in Budapest, Hungary.  Peter’s day-to-day leadership enables Transcend to exceed client expectations for its software, and build an ever expanding team of experts in their respective fields.

Previously, Peter lead and managed the Application Engineering, Process Engineering & Modelling and Software Development teams at Organica.  He originally joined Organica to lead its Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation (“ECI”) team, but was quickly promoted to roles of increasing responsibility.  Peter brought more than 10 years of engineering and industrial automation experience he joined Organica.  He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest as an electrical engineer specialized in control engineering.   Following University, Peter moved to Saudi Arabia to work for APV (now SPX), a leading equipment manufacturer in the dairy and brewery industry. APV was building and upgrading multiple fully automated factories in Middle East, and as the demand for automation engineers grew, Peter created his own company where he contracted and managed a team of engineers. After moving back to Hungary, prior to Organica Peter joined a small but well-respected engineering firm called Labirex that created automation systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.



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Our expert wastewater engineers had a problem: too many proposals and not enough time. They collaborated with software engineers to learn the art of computer programming and develop the Transcend design generator. This cloud-based, proprietary software is the only platform available today that fully automates the preliminary design of a water treatment facility in 8 hours or less. With a limited set of customized, client-controlled inputs, the intelligent solution validates thousands of data points to ensure global quality and consistency of designs. The complex set of decisions then goes through several iterations before running complete static and dynamic process simulations. Once the set of parameters are confirmed, the software optimizes critical decision making to generate a full set of engineering quality documents including PS, P&ID, BIM & 3D Models, BOQ, and many others.

DG enables engineering firms and technology companies to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and improve financial performance through automated design software.


We chose the name Transcend because the design generator is more than a tool, it's transformational. Clients can transcend the competition and the status quo into a smarter, more efficient future with increased employee and client satisfaction with the Transcend Design Generator.


The concentric brush strokes you see in our logo are ensos, the Japanese word for circle and a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism. We chose this symbol because the enso represents the individual who creates it, just as our software represents our clients' individual knowledge, expertise, and design philosophy. The two circles represent the partnership we have with our clients - two entities working alongside one another in harmony to accomplish a shared mission and create valuable software.