At our core we are water treatment engineers turned computer programmers.


Our focus is building strong, secure software that takes design engineering to the next level.



To help our clients generate engineering-grade water treatment facilities designs in a fraction of the time utilizing first of its kind engineering automation software.



years of development


end users to date


hours to a preliminary facility design

Our expert wastewater engineers had a problem: too many proposals and not enough time. They collaborated with software engineers to learn the art of computer programming and develop the Transcend design generator. This cloud-based, proprietary software is the only platform available today that fully automates the preliminary design of a water treatment facility in 8 hours or less. With a limited set of customized, client-controlled inputs, the intelligent solution validates thousands of data points to ensure global quality and consistency of designs. The complex set of decisions then goes through several iterations before running complete static and dynamic process simulations. Once the set of parameters are confirmed, the software optimizes critical decision making to generate a full set of engineering quality documents including PS, P&ID, BIM & 3D Models, BOQ, and many others.

DG enables engineering firms and technology companies to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and improve financial performance through automated design software.


We chose the name Transcend because the design generator is more than a tool, it's transformational. Engineering firms can transcend the competition and the status quo into a smarter, more efficient future with increased employee and client satisfaction with the Transcend Design Generator.

The concentric brush strokes you see in our logo are ensos, the Japanese word for circle and a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism. We chose this symbol because the enso represents the individual who creates it, just as our software represents our clients' individual knowledge, expertise, and design philosophy. The two circles represent the partnership we have with our clients - two entities working alongside one another in harmony to accomplish a shared mission and create valuable software.

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