We are at an inflection point.

A shift from manual tasks performed by humans to automated processes powered by machines is transforming entire industries as you read this.


Computer led decision making & bioinformatics



Robotic assembly lines


Robotic trading, AI powered financial advice, blockchain

Customer Service


Autonomous vehicles & AI powered insurance assessment

Reactionary AI chat bots, 85% customer service calls handled without a person by 2020

Intelligent, automated workflows

We believe engineering automation is next and that we can help you get there.

"we need digital tools that can help us do twice the amount of work in half the time."

         -President &CEO, large EPC

Just as x software/ computer revolutionized engineering in the 19xxs, automation and our design generator is revolutionizing the industry today. Eight years ago, the design generator was born and has been converting the toughest skeptics ever since.

Traditional Designing

  • Manual preliminary designs required ~200-1500 hours from five different disciplines

  • Client changes heavily elongated design period

  • Detailed designs required completely new design procedure

  • Each engineer had his/her own processes for designing

Transcend Designing

  • Preliminary designs done in 8 hours

  • Clients can run and review unlimited scenarios within a 24 hour turnaround

  • Design outputs can be used as foundations for Detailed Designs

  • Global consistency, process quality control





Want to transform your EPC? 

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