We're Accelerating with Elemental

We are so excited to announce that we have been selected as one of just a handful of startups for Elemental Excelerator's 9th Cohort. As a startup building innovative design tools for engineered infrastructure, Elemental selected us out of over 800 startups to help "combat the human and economic toll of climate-related disasters, fires, heatwaves, and other environmental stresses."

“These are technologies that are primed for deployment and growth. We love investing at these meaningful, and highly dynamic, moments in a company’s growth cycle because they are where the ideal becomes real,” says CEO Dawn Lippert. “Cohort 9 has strong momentum toward climate impact, with significant annual revenues and an average of over $7M raised. Their cap tables indicate that more investors are entering this climate-tech space than ever before, and we’re seeing a ramp toward a hockeystick moment for the market.” According to Elemental's press release, here's why they love what we do: "Innovation in the water industry is critical for minimizing the stresses of climate change. But when incorporating innovative solutions is a time-consuming, expensive process for engineering firms — which are often the gatekeepers for what gets proposed and ultimately installed — it’s only natural that they will minimize “newness” in the design process. Transcend addresses this root cause that stifles innovation in the built environment for water and wastewater treatment, and resets the foundation for new technologies in this space. The team is comprised of water experts and technical leaders who understand where the bottlenecks have been stuck or years, and are poised to execute a new path in treatment facility design. Moreover, Transcend’s approach at rebuilding the design process from the ground up doesn’t just free engineers from spinning their wheels through repetitive, manual tasks. It also provides a launchpad where the end customer — water utilities — can become more actively engaged in trying out a variety of scenarios and ultimately having more control in driving the outcomes they want." We couldn't agree more.

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