This Is Why Transcend Exists

By: Adam Tank

This graphic was pulled from the World Health Organization and they talk about the lack of access to safe, clean drinking water globally. On the left side, you can see they asked that one in six people still don't have access to safe water, that 3.4 million people each year die because of water-related diseases that are completely preventable and completely treatable. One of those diseases that's causing some of this death is cholera, which in some cases is because the sanitation is poor, they can't treat their wastewater appropriately. So to set the stage for why we as Transcend do what we do, statistics like these are, in my opinion, they are unforgivable.

There's no reason that we shouldn't have clean access to water around the world and that people are dying from not having access to clean water. So a few more statistics for you. So unsafe drinking water contributes to 72% of diarrheal deaths and unsafe sanitation contributes to about 56% of diarrheal deaths. The United Nations has sustainability goals for the world to basically say, where do we need to be by 2030? And there were two lines that really stood out to me about this, and they're at the bottom of the slide.

One is an estimated 2.2 billion people still need access to safely managed drinking water and 4.2 almost double that amount need access to safely managed sanitation, meaning wastewater treatment and sanitation services. Exactly the type of solutions that our software designs instantly.

In the US, there are 16,000 wastewater treatment plants all over the country. On average, they are functioning at 81% of their design capacity, meaning that they are almost ready to be upgraded, expanded, demolished, and built. And then 15% of those have reached or exceeded that value. And that's just in the US. But if you look at what's happening in the UK, this is January of this year.

This was four days ago. And then the second article was yesterday. They're having sewage overflows due to wet weather events and raw sewage is pouring into the rivers and the oceans. People can't swim in the water, they can't drink the water, they can't bathe in the water, and it's happening all the time. So the companies are struggling with the physical fact that they can't treat their wastewater appropriately.

Our software can help with that.

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