The Brazilian Water Market – Three Lessons From a Recent Trip to São Paulo

Written by Adam Tank, Chief Customer Officer

Sahil Chaini, Imre Toth, and I recently spent three days in Brazil visiting one of our clients. Between the incredible food, music, and conversations, we also made some time for work 😉

Here are three key lessons I learned on this trip. We can’t wait to go back!

1. Brazilian asset owners are forward thinking

Our client is utilizing Transcend Design Generator in ways many others are not. Whether it be to establish baseline digital twins, establish cost curves for wastewater treatment projects, assess innovative technologies, or train young engineers – they are really showcasing how conceptual design automation is used to establish a strong ROI across the organization.

2. The market is ripe for innovation in treatment

The Brazilian market has historically operated with conventional treatment methods, including conventional activated sludge and UASB. Systems like MBR, AGS, MBBR, and others are the exception, not the norm. Treatment vendors should take note and consider making more of an effort to establish themselves in this large and rapidly growing market.

3. Brazil is a wonderful country & Brazilians are wonderful people

Our client was a tremendous host. Everyone we met with and spoke to was incredibly kind, generous, and fun-loving. We had many laughs while sharing great meals and discussing the future of the water industry. We’re itching to book our next trip!

Muito obrigado Brazil!

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