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Updated: Apr 5

Prepare up to twenty (20) conceptual designs that will cover a range of future planning alternatives (see use cases below) utilizing conceptual design software that automates the biological process simulation & engineering calculations to create indicative documentation for energy usage, chemical usage, bill of materials, equipment lists, and generation of a 3D Building Information Model (BIM), all provided in native files (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD .dwg, AutoDesk Revit .rvt) to the Authority for future use. The software should utilize and optimize the land to accommodate any additional assets needed to expand for the future. Please present these designs within submittals along with a comparison document outlining the potential benefits of each treatment technology evaluation.

Tender specification
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Top US Utility Requests 30 Design Scenarios for 24 MGD WRRF Master Planning Tender

Download the case study below to see how they did it!

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