Leveling up with Automation

Updated: May 18, 2021

Ever since I learned how to program I wanted to do two things:

1. Drive my dream car from my favorite racing video game (a Mazda Miata MX-5)

2. Try to enhance things by making them automatic

Since I’ve bought my childhood dream car, there was only one thing left to do… 😊

When I started my career as a trainee programing was a very small slice of my work. I’d receive a spreadsheet, copy the necessary data from it, move it to another spreadsheet, make calculations, and send it to a group of people. Every single week.

Naturally I looked around to find some ways to improve the process and automate it so I'd only need to check the results... sparing a couple of hours for every task.

Soon I got to a point where I’d written scripts to check my scripts 😊

The key part was to break down the complex tasks to much more simple ones and develop a solution to do so. Of course this has its own limits, so when I’ve first heard about Transcend I thought the task of automating wastewater treatment plants designs was near impossible.

However, my teammates here have proved that this is very much the reality, and I’m still amazed how scalable automatation is when you’re working with a team of experts. Today wastewater treatment plants. Tomorrow? Who knows?

Gábor Varga - Product Owner at Transcend

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