Designing a WWTP? – How Transcend can save you money while saving Earth as well

Written by Gabor Kovacs, Software Development Team Lead

We at Transcend provide a wide range of design options for our clients, who are also from a wide range of backgrounds. We help very small engineering companies to industry leaders, who are using our tools to optimize their costs and simplify their sales processes. But this is only one angle you can look at for the Transcend Design Generator, and as recent global events prove, there’s a completely different angle to what we do.

In the 2020’s next to COVID awareness, and a disrupted work environment, other parts of are life are changing – and there is no denial that we need to aim towards sustainable growth more than ever. In many industries, this means that we need to spend more money upfront to have a technology that will make our growth more environmentally friendly. You can see this in construction everywhere: smart houses, roads with built in solar panels, green skyscrapers…

This angle of sustainability already exists in large scale developments, but in wastewater it could be even more important to focus on sustainable sewage plants, and to extend the topic a bit, to provide sustainable drinking water. With the consequences of climate change rapidly approaching, and the global water crisis becoming more and more an issue, making cheap water for human consumption at global scale is going to be crucial for regions to sustain life itself. Water is the top priority we should focus on, when looking into the future.

If you combine these approaches to the future, it is not hard to see that we need to focus on the best available technologies for every single wastewater project, starting it from scratch or extending the already existing sites. What Transcend can provide is a feasibility study, that I would also call a sustainability study, since it not only tells you in approximation the resourced required to adopt a new technology, but also provides the use of chemicals, electricity, and tap water when the plant is already running. Most importantly, the speed that our software generates each design enables our clients to assess the outcomes in just a couple of hours – a significant improvement to the days or weeks it currently takes.

So if your plant is needing some extension, or you were just thinking of what the future of wastewater treatment looks like, check out Transcend, where you can find the fastest (and only) automatic feasibility studies for your needs in wastewater.

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