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This post was written by Gabor Varga, our Product Owner.

Transcend Designs Generator in use

Managing a constantly evolving, unique, and complex product like the Transcend Design Generator is always a challenge, but we cannot forget that usability and user experience always comes first.

As a Product Owner and a UX/UI designer probably you can guess I’m not the typical wastewater engineer that saves the world. But this setback is rather handy when you’re developing an easy-to-use yet, still fully functional application. With some simple card sorting techniques, we’ve been able to quickly break down the main elements of the site in groups with intuitive, straightforward names. Even with the most complex user flows, we’ll only have a couple of steps and the user has the freedom to move back and forth if something needs correction.

But what about the input fields? In order to generate the immense number of documents the TDG provides, we need to ask the user for vital inputs, some of which can only be answered by a true expert in the field. It’s difficult to excel in everything, but this is where our vast recommendation database joins the party. By providing the target country or region, our system is capable of giving recommendations for the most vital data, so if you’re uncertain about what to put there, you can rely on TDG, and we’ll take care of the rest. Naturally, if you’re an experienced veteran and know every little detail, you can always override the recommendation or not ask for it at all.

It seems evident, that we’re aiming to provide the best when it comes to readability, compactness, and usefulness, but there will always be room for some improvement. We’ve done our best for the new UI, but we’d really love to hear your opinions about it!

Come, join us in this new journey and share your thoughts!

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