Existing Preliminary Process Units are supported by TDG

From now on, Transcend Design Generator (TDG) supports already existing screening and grit removal on plant extensions. This was a unique addition to all our users since it was heavily requested, and released with multiple other similar solutions at the same time.

As part of the new UI elements, you can select if you have already existing screening elements, and how many screening units you have. In these cases, you also need to select the gap space of the first or the second screens.

As for the grit removal, you need to select the type of grit removal you already have. In case you have either of the previous solutions, you will need to input a flow value, which can be handled by the already existing mechanical pretreatment. Later, you can select on the Marking Screen the location of these units.

TDG will check, if the requested flow values are below these measures, and will not extend the pretreatment in that case, but if needed, it will design new elements as well. The civil arrangement will be extended as well, and in case we need new mechanical pretreatment elements as well, it will try to put these as close to the already existing elements, as it can.

Thank you so much for trying out our new features, and feel free to suggest new extensions.

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