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All of us in the water industry want to deliver better outcomes for wastewater treatment

facilities around the world, which in the end means access to sustainable sanitation services for everyone. If we can evaluate more technologies and options, assess the risks, and improve the quality of water we are putting back in the environment, we can transform the way we deliver wastewater services!

That’s where Transcend comes in.

Transcend Design Generator (TDG) was originally built by wastewater engineers who wanted to develop a faster way to evaluate options and deliver successful outcomes to water utilities around the world.The team saw the immense potential in expanding the use of the software to companies working in the wastewater world – we could transform the optioneering by delivering early design processes!

EPCs play a central role in evaluating, specifying, designing, and constructing wastewater infrastructure around the world. We have worked with a variety of EPCs to help us develop, refine, and continually improve our software.

Engineering, procurement, and construction software

Two most common questions from our EPC partners:

We get these two questions ALL THE TIME, so let us provide some context for you as you consider using Transcend and how it will adapt to your company practices.

1. Can we add our specific design approach and calculations into Transcend?

A. The answer is, yes! We work with your engineers to configure your version of TDG based on how you approach the design of wastewater facilities.

B. That is how you differentiate how you use the tool to scale and grow your business.

2. How do we incorporate TDG into my workflow?

A. We love this question! This is by far the most important question when implementing any new software. The key to success is always HOW you use the software.

B. We have put together best practices, use cases, and strategy overview based on what we have learned by working with a variety of clients in the wastewater industry.

C. Digital transformation is a process, so we have a “crawl, walk, run” approach. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

D. We support you all the way from having a few initial users in TDG, to expanding to your commercial teams, to TDG being a key wastewater design tool across all your teams globally.

To understand how we support you with your TDG journey, here is a brief overview of what it’s like to be a Transcend client!

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is assigned to every client. They are responsible for ensuring a smooth journey as you onboard and adopt the product, from the moment you sign on with Transcend.

There are three phases to your journey as a client with Transcend:

Introduction and Configuration

We introduce your engineering and commercial teams to Transcend Design Generator (TDG). We give you the chance to try out the “generic” version of TDG, so you can start thinking about how you would like to configure it based on your business procedures.

Our process engineering team will work with your team to identify calculations, decisions, and process units in TDG that will need to be configured and we prioritize these based on your input. Transcend then completes the configuration so you have YOUR version of TDG! We do most of the work – all we need from you is to test and confirm the configuration.

Onboarding and Adoption

Once TDG is configured, it is time to introduce and train the relevant teams on using it. The Transcend team takes on most of the heavy lifting by organizing training sessions, creating training materials, and setting up 1-1 sessions. We continuously collect feedback and optimize your version of TDG!

Ongoing Support and Expansion

A “core” team is established on both sides – your Transcend CSM will schedule a regular biweekly cadence for the core team to stay connected and address updates, feedback, and any issues that come along.

As more users become familiar with Transcend, we will partner with you to you expand the use of the platform, so you are always increasing the value you receive from your investment. Your CSM will send you a monthly report of your usage, including an overview of the designs ran, a regional breakdown of the projects, and users that are most active.

Time saved using software automation designs for wastewater plants

At Transcend

We are more than just a vendor. We are your partners who strive to meet your strategic business goals with our software. We are here to help businesses like yours reduce the amount of “free” engineering required to generate designs as clients are demanding more and new options at early project stages. This tool allows you to pursue design-build projects with less risk, evaluate more choices in greater depth, and save money by reducing the number of non-billable hours.

We look forward to working with you to transform your early wastewater design and optioneering processes to optimize outcomes for your customers. Transcend your future today, by incorporating TDG into your engineering practices to streamline conceptual design proposals within minutes!

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