Do You Plan To Extend Your Equalization Tank? TDG is What You Need

Updated: Mar 7

Equalization Tank

As someone who first heard the term "equalization tank" a year ago and wasn't sure what a stormwater basin was until late fall, I'm very proud to announce that as of February 23rd, Transcend Design Generator (TDG) can handle not only automatically provided equalization solutions, but also existing equalizations for a plant extension.

This was a unique addition to all our users since it was heavily requested. As part of the new UI elements, you can select if you have already existing equalization tanks, you can set how many of them are, what is the combined volume of them, and what is the average depth. Later on, based on these inputs, you can use our Marking Screen, to select the location of these tanks.

TDG will then check, if the current volume is enough for the requested flow equalization, and in case it is enough, it will not plan any additional extensions on that, but it can also add new basins if necessary. Also, the civil drawings (not available for all users) will contain the already existing buildings, but in addition, the arrangement is extended in a way, that the new equalization tanks should be close to the already existing ones, if possible.

Finally, if you are interested in our product, and want to know more, sign up for our webinar on March 23rd, 2022. Click Here for more details!

Thank you so much for trying out our new features, and feel free to suggest new extensions on any forum you can reach us.

Gabor K.

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