Disrupting Engineering Design With Ari Raivetz

Updated: Apr 11

Ari Raivetz, chairman and CEO of Transcend, joins Will and Tom to talk about his origin story and how it threw him into the world of water.

Listen to Ari talk about:

  • His background in investment, helping oil & gas companies to raise capital, and then the subsequent ecological guilt that he swore to payback

  • Taking up the role as CEO of Organica in Hungary, a company developing what can only be called beautiful wastewater treatment plants

  • The genesis of Transcend and how he started to automate the process using software design

  • Building a company at the start of the covid pandemic, lessons he learned but also the advantages of hiring remotely.

Plus, Ari gives an honest view of engineering consultants in the role of innovation adoption – ultimately a role that he is trying to partner with, as well as potentially disrupt.

And much much more!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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