Complex Water Treatment Designs… Made Simple.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

This post was written by Steve Davis, our COO, who has spent 10+ years in the water industry in commercial, innovation, and technology roles.


Transcend Design Generator Integrated Google Map tool used by an engineer

Having worked in the water industry for over 18 years I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard how complex it is to propose & design projects for water and wastewater treatment. Every year governments, municipalities, and industries around the world have more stringent treatment requirements and the need for clean water becomes more and more of a necessity. And, in turn, the complexity of treating the water or wastewater becomes a formidable task for all parties involved.

But I’ve also seen innovative treatment technologies emerge to solve all of these challenges. But in order for these technologies to be adopted, people need to be able to review the options in a way that makes sense for the project at hand – be it site footprint, existing assets, or influent types. But limited time and budgets leave local or regional consultants proposing and designing what they have been trained on – not necessarily these new technologies that might be a better outcome for everyone involved. Not anymore.

Transcend’s Design Generator, a powerful design platform, combines traditional treatment technologies, new innovative technologies, and engineering expertise to give project stakeholders the time, flexibility, and ideas to solve the world’s most challenging water needs. The new interface we’ve developed now allows non-experts to map their site and enter basic information. The software can make complex decisions that result in a complete project design engineering package.

We need this type of innovation to increase the velocity of projects and spend time on building high-quality water assets.

Try it yourself to find out how you can get a solution that works for you or your company.

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