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Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. They currently have 100+ installations of their innovative 'garden-like' WWTP's around the world. They were the first end users of the Transcend Design Generator and continue to use the software as a way to keep cost low and bid on an ever-increasing number of projects..

Alleviating a bottleneck in proposals for an innovative water firm

Problem: Organica's engineering team was facing a bottleneck in their proposal process. They had more proposals that needed to be created than they could generate with their existing staff.

Needs: Organica needed a solution to reduce the non-billable engineering hours required to generate proposals. They wanted more time to:

  • Respond to more proposals

  • Utilize their engineers for complex, value added work

In addition to being faster, the solution needed to generate designs at, or above, the quality that the existing engineers could.

Solution: Process engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and architectural engineers worked with software engineers to automate their design process with the Transcend DG. The commercial team was able to generate proposals without extensive engineering input and the engineers were able to add detailed design after the bid was secured. One year after utilizing the Transcend design generator, over 500 designs had been generated and close to $1 million USD saved.

> 90% Reduction in labor to produce preliminary designs

Increased job satisfaction, time spent on innovation, and customer satisfaction

Significantly increased win rate vs. baseline

Generated 4x design outputs vs. baseline with no additional hires.

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