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Generating budgetary proposals with speed and accuracy is critical to your competitiveness in the water market. Transcend Design Generator enables you to generate high-quality, accurate engineered proposals in minutes, alleviating engineering bottlenecks and shifting hours to detailed design and project execution work.

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Instantly create high quality, accurate, engineered proposals

  • Create custom proposals to grow your equipment & solutions business with Transcend's simple user interface, background engineering calculations, and editable outputs.

  • Leverage automated sizing, selection, and configuration specific to your water and wastewater treatment technology and/or equipment.  Documents and proposals are created with customized branding and content

Bid & win faster and more often. Enter new markets

  • Responding to client needs FAST is a key to success in today's "instant" economy

  • Enable your commercial teams or distributors to send proposals for complex equipment or technologies rapidly and penetrate new markets.

  • Bid on all the deals you want and take more control over your pipeline. Make no-bids due to lack of time or resources a thing of the past.

  • Automatically incorporate your entire suite of solutions into your proposals instead of one-off projects

  • Choose which projects to bid on based on where you have the greatest advantage

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Connected and transparent

  • Create standardized, high-quality proposals across all regions and product lines

  • Instantly incorporate product improvements and changes into design calculations and proposals, thus gaining maximum leverage from R&D efforts

  • Gain real-time visibility into the opportunities your direct and indirect teams are working on

  • Whether it’s a 3rd party distributor or representative or your own sales team, Transcend allows you to see all designs run and critical information in a simple report. Analyze the data and reallocate resources to where you are having the most success

Provide more value to customers

  • Give clients and engineering firms that specify technology more information about your solutions

  • Provide more details about your shared vision including 3D renderings and site layouts, positioning yourself ahead of the competition.

  • Outputs include a complete BIM model, which many asset owners and engineering firms now require

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5x Increased Revenue 

How TDG changed the game for an IFAS technology provider.

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Strategic Partnership

Learn more how we cooperate with Suez to automate their wwtp design creation process.

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TDG & CPQ Comparison

What’s the difference in water treatment equipment proposal software?