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Murry & Roberts is a multinational project life cycle group based in South Africa that has been optimizing client's fixed capital investment for more than a century. They have utilized the design generator for the past 2 years to accelerate their entry to market. 

Increasing entry to market for a multinational EPC

Problem: Murray & Roberts typically required 18-24 months to enter a new region or design facilities with new technologies. To win projects in a low bid environment they needed to find new ways to differentiate themselves without increasing headcount.

Needs: Murray & Roberts needed a solution to reduce the entry to market time without having to hire more engineering talent. They wanted to be able to hit the ground running when new tenders were announced. ​

Solution: Transcend's design generator allowed Murray & Roberts to reduce their time to market to 6 months, 75% faster than before. Reducing the need to hire additional engineers on a cyclical basis helped them to reduce their costs and be the most affordable solution relative to competition. 

Decreased time required to enter new market by 75%

> 90% Reduction in labor to produce preliminary designs

Ability to offer clients multiple options in less time

Consistency across all designs for a new business unit

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