This international EPC firm has an annual revenue of over 3 billion USD and 11,000 employees at offices around the United States and globe. They have projects in over 100 countries and continuously release expert reports on the state of the water industry. 

Digitalizing and automating non-value added activities

Problem: This EPC is currently generating around 10,000 basic wastewater treatment plant designs each year. The preliminary designs required for bids typically take around 1000 engineering hours to complete, hours that they are unable to bill for if the bid is not secured. This significantly impacted their bottom line.

Needs: This firm turned to the Transcend Design Generator to help them become more competitive in their ability to engineer, procure, and construct WWTP's. They also wanted to:

  • automate their engineering team's non-value added activities

  • stop losing money on non-billable preliminary design hours

  • Offer multiple technical options at a click of a button

  • Improved response times and creating new opportunities

Solution: An in person kickoff meeting was held at the EPC's headquarters for their engineers and our software engineers to customize the design generator's inputs and processes to their personal design philosophy. Collaborative, weekly meetings were continuously held to ensure customization to their exact needs and highest priorities. This process helped their best engineers standardize design process to enable quality control across all projects and reduce personal design errors.   

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