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As the industry transforms, the amount of "free" engineering required during the pursuit of new business is rapidly increasing.  These non-billable hours are a significant burden, eating into margins and demotivating key staff with extra hours that tilt the work-life-balance scale in the wrong direction.  At the same time clients are demanding you assess more and new options at the early project stages, while the hours allocated for this work are never enough to do a thorough analysis.  TDG significantly reduces resources spent during pursuits and early project stages by letting software do the monotonous aspects of design – increasing margins and freeing up engineers for more innovative, cost recoverable work.

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Pursue more projects

  • Hunt for new clients with conceptual design ideas to position yourself competitively at early project stages.

  • Go after Design-build projects with less risk and less cost; Assess multiple options with less "at risk" engineering hours, thereby improving win rates.

  • Less "No-go" and more "Go."

Grow your business

  • Create new offerings for clients, such as feasibility studies and optioneering assessments.

  • Reallocate engineering hours from repetitive tasks to building client relationships and analyzing design outcomes, resulting in happier customers and more project wins.

  • Increase margins for all fixed bid and design-build work, while simultaneously lowering risk in pursuing this type of business.

  • Improved profitability across the board - "Do more with less".

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Activate the creative engineering mindset

  • Let TDG handle the repetitive tasks and enable engineers to spend their time on more value-added activities - not copy/paste.

  • Provide time for your team to understand client needs on a deeper level (site visits, conversations) and find the best solution for clients' needs.

  • Analyze outcomes instead of creating drawings.

  • Empower young engineers with the right tools, so they can challenge themselves to stay and grow at your organization.

Provide more value to customers

  • Give your clients more optionality and demonstrate more "what if" scenarios.  

  • Prepare feasibility studies as a service or standard part of preliminary design work.

  • Add 3D models to your standard package.

  • Reduce risk on utility projects by delivering more thorough analysis in the allocated hours.

  • Incorporate more innovative technologies into your design packages.

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Redefine billable vs
non-billable dynamics

  • Shift your culture to helping clients execute on projects (outcomes) versus billable hour revenue.

  • Win more higher margin & cost-recoverable work.

  • Sell billable hours to clients for conceptual and preliminary design by offering more in less time.

  • Deliver more options and detail to clients in the same hours for conceptual and preliminary design - increasing your competitiveness.

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