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Transcend Design Generator (TDG) is a one-of-a-kind tool for the water and infrastructure industries. It's the world's most advanced software design tool for creating preliminary designs for wastewater treatment facilities. This cutting-edge technology enables engineers to stay competitive in the business by allowing them to produce conceptual ideas in hours rather than weeks. Smaller companies and individuals have little to no chance of competing with bigger firms without this tool.

The World's Most Innovative Software Design Tool

Over the last decade, TDG has been regularly updated and enhanced by some of the world's leading experts in wastewater process modeling and architectural design. If you're presently deconstructing, upgrading, rehabilitating, or even building a new wastewater treatment facility, we offer a solution to help you get the job done faster. You can automate 90 percent of your workflow using our TDG solution. Meanwhile, while the conceptual design papers are being prepared automatically, CAS, MBR, MBBR, and IFAS are being evaluated simultaneously.

See an example of how TDG works in the video below

TDG creates a specific preliminary design of wastewater treatment facilities by automatically combining decisions and calculations from each engineering field (process, mechanical, civil, architectural, electrical, control, and automation). This system will generate a dozen or more engineering documentation and drawings, allowing our users to choose their preferred path. With a 365-day simulation with diurnal flow, the user may adopt a real-time analytical approach to selecting the optimum design, rather than waiting weeks or months for each iteration. Clients may run and assess endless scenarios with a turnaround time of a few hours, and then focus THEIR time to pick the best design for their client's needs with the help of TDGs design outputs and our easy-to-use website.

Sample Output Documents

Civil Design
3D bim model
Process Flow
Concept Design
Civil BoQ
Site Plan
3D view Design
P & ID

You may also do a competitive study during this stage to come up with the best potential case scenario. With this tool, you'll be able to build many early WWTP designs in 90 percent less time than before. This, in turn, decreases an infinite number of non-billable hours.

It's a game-changer to have complete control and flexibility over the design in a fraction of the time. Especially when it comes to making modifications to the inputs after the design has been created and the output documents have been generated. Maintaining your trust and increasing your company's worth requires staying on top of client needs.

Reasons to use Transcend Design Generator: 

  • Enables you to bid on as many projects as you want to

  • Your clients want results faster, with more detail, at a lower cost

  • You are currently spending too much time on the first 20-30% of the design

  • You want to offer clients more design alternatives and options

Our Transcend Design Generator platform meets the Standards of Metcalf & Eddy

Included with TDG

TDG Lite/Pro

TDG Enterprise

Process Flow Diagram
Technical Description
Design Basis Document
P&ID w/ Piping, Valves and Instrumentation
Mechanical Equipment BOQ
Instrumentation BOQ
OPEX Calculation
Electrical Load List
Site Plan Drawing
Floor-plan Drawings
Room Schedule's
Civil BOQ

Custom Treatment Units
Migration from Excel-based sizing & selection tools
Custom engineering logic & rules
Custom output documents
Single Sign On Integration
CRM Integration
Executive Dashboard
Digital Transformation Consulting

Looking To Build New?

Build your new wastewater plant using our greenfield site option 

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Upgrade your current wastewater facility with our TDG Lite for the most precise designs.

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Upgrading an existing plant?

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