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Feasibility studies and capital planning efforts often take months (or years!) and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete.   Even worse, they often do not assess the latest sustainable technologies and true Total Cost of Ownership.  Not anymore. Transcend Design Generator creates high-quality, accurate engineering documents for a variety of water and wastewater treatment facilities - allowing you to take control of the process and spend your budget more effectively.

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Streamline capital planning efforts

  • Assess unlimited options for existing and new assets in order to find the optimal design to meet your objectives for CAPEX, OPEX, Carbon Footprint, and more.

  • Streamline the price review process and kick-start approved projects by generating complete engineering design packages for upgrades or new facilities.

  • Automatically generate designs for existing sites and assets to keep for better asset management, including Digital Twin baselines.

  • Repurpose spend with 3rd party engineering firms and consultants.

Optimize ROI

  • Reduce costs of developing and bidding on new concessions/asset pools.

  • Create feasibility studies in-house and save on 3rd party engineering costs.

  • Improve your ROIC on new builds and upgrades by evaluating more technologies and simulating outcomes at an earlier project stage.

  • Determine more accurate CAPEX/ OPEX budgets and "future proof" designs by ensuring compliance w/ anticipated regulatory or climate-driven changes.

Digital Work

Tender Specification

  • Leverage TDG to automatically generate tender specifications based on what is best for your assets and community.

  • Evaluate the most cost-effective design options before the tender launches.

  • Ensure the project delivers on your objectives by generating multiple design options and leveraging 3rd party designers to evaluate the best alternative.

Achieve sustainability metrics

  • Rapidly evaluate multiple treatment options and design alternatives to maximize the sustainability of your asset base.

  • Include more innovative technologies in your long-term capital planning in order to increase water recycling and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Compare different alternatives based on carbon footprint, chemical usage, or other sustainability-driven metrics.


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Cooperation with United Utilities 

Transcend participated in the Innovation Lab of United Utilities in first half of 2021.

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Technology Comparison

Get a technology comparison eBook for a 19 MLD wwtp.

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Upgrade design

Check out an introduction video how to include existing process units in your wwtp design at Transcend Design Generator.